How to create amazing color palette in your home

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How to create amazing color palette in your home

Colors have significant impact on our life, so when we talk about our living space we should surround ourselves with colors that encourage us on happy thoughts and positive attitude. It is proven that every color has its own psychology and combined with appropriate spaces it can give them depth and meaning. If you think that choosing one color is hard than how on the earth would you choose it for the whole house without consulting an expert.
It can be easy if you set up your priorities, every room has to have its purpose, imagine your house like palette line, gain a little courage and engage yourself in the process of creating an amazing environment for living.
Here are a few pointers that can be very handy.
Start form the largest room. By a default that has to be a living room; this is the place where you will be spending most of your time. You will use it for relaxation with your family or for social gathering with your friends. Leading colors for your living room should be yellow, green and pastel and you can combine them in different shades. It’s important that they are not too aggressive and that they fit to an eye. Green and yellow have calming effect and that’s what you will need after hard working day.

Or take a risk and start from the room you want to pain the boldest color. This probably has to be kitchen or dining room. Here you can use shades of yellow, orange and red. You can always use white which implies cleanness and freshness. In the dining room it’s important to avoid green and use yellow and orange that stimulates your appetite and red can always encourage cheerful atmosphere.

 Bedroom is the place of absolute peace and rest, so you should avoid using aggressive and vibrant colors. The best choice would be some pale green or blue. Blue inspires you on concentration, decreases appetite and has smoothing effect. Aggressive colors can make your bedroom look troubling and small, red is often related with insomnia, and you would what to keep positive attitude here.  

Bathroom is usually easy for color selection. You can’t go wrong here, as long as it matches with the rest of the toilet cabinets. You can apply here gentle shades of pink, blue, turquoise and color of lavender. Gentle tones of these colors will make you feel more relaxing and comfortable while you are using the facilities and you won’t be troubled with heavy thoughts, considering that colors can affect the mood.




Keep connecting spaces neutral

Keep connecting spaces neutral. It is important to make a brake between colors, so your space doesn’t look too chaotic and cluttered. For this use white, grey or beige. On the other hand if your rooms have more soft and neutral colors, you should experiment with halls and landings and use richer colors. In that way you will emphasize your home more give him more vibrant look.